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Project Description

Celeste Oliva

We have a Unique Tasting Room where you Try it before you buy it. Come in and taste our Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oils, Fused & Infused oils,  Dark & White Balsamics, Gourmet Oils, Sea Salts, Celeste Oliva’s own handcrafted Marinara Sauce, Pasta, NH Made Products and so much more…

Our Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oils come from around the world. The olives are picked “early” when they are still green. This causes our olive oils to have a lot of Polyphenols. Our oils are third party tested so we can tell you the chemistry, when it was crushed and where it is from.  Our Balsamic Vinegar’s are made from a Trebbiano Grape Must and made in Modena, Italy.