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Governance Committee: The Governance Committee oversees the structure and operations of Intown Concord's Board of Directors, ensuring adherence to best practices, bylaws, and legal requirements. This committee is responsible for nominating and vetting potential board members and evaluating the organization's governance policies and procedures.

Communication Committee: The Communication Committee is responsible for managing and implementing Intown Concord's communication strategies. This includes overseeing the organization's public relations, marketing, and outreach efforts to promote events, programs, and initiatives. The committee also coordinates internal communication among members and stakeholders.

Board of Directors: The Board of Directors is the governing body of Intown Concord, responsible for setting the organization's mission, vision, and strategic direction. Board members oversee major decisions, provide leadership and guidance, and ensure the organization operates in alignment with its mission and values. They also play a crucial role in fundraising and fostering community partnerships.

Executive Committee: The Executive Committee comprises key leaders within Intown Concord and is responsible for providing strategic guidance, making time-sensitive decisions, and overseeing the organization's Executive Director. This committee often acts as a liaison between the Board of Directors and other committees, ensuring effective communication and efficient decision-making processes.

Market Days Festival Task Force: The Market Days Festival Task Force is dedicated to planning, organizing, and executing the annual Market Days Festival, a vibrant community event that promotes local businesses, artisans, and entertainers. This task force collaborates closely with various stakeholders to create an engaging and memorable experience for attendees.

Concord NH Winter Fest Task Force: The Concord NH Winter Fest Task Force is responsible for coordinating and managing the annual Winter Fest celebration, a festive event showcasing winter-themed activities, ice carvings, entertainment, and local attractions. This task force works to create an engaging and enjoyable experience for the community during the winter season.

Upstairs Downtown Walking Tour Task Force: The Upstairs Downtown Walking Tour Task Force is dedicated to creating and managing an engaging and informative walking tour that highlights the unique historical and cultural significance of downtown Concord's buildings. This task force aims to showcase the hidden gems, stories, and architectural features of these often-overlooked spaces, emphasizing their potential for economic development and community enrichment.

Halloween Howl Task Force: The Halloween Howl Task Force is responsible for organizing and managing the annual Halloween Howl event, a family-friendly celebration that includes various festive activities, such as costume contests, trick-or-treating, and entertainment. This task force ensures a safe and enjoyable experience for all participants during the Halloween season.

Midnight Merriment Task Force: The Midnight Merriment Task Force is dedicated to planning and coordinating the Midnight Merriment event, a lively and festive evening celebration featuring various entertainment, shopping opportunities, and holiday-themed activities. This task force works to create a joyful and engaging experience for the community during the holiday season.

Mission/Vision/Values Task Force: This task force collaborates with key stakeholders and board members to ensure that the organization's mission, vision, and values align with its strategic goals and community aspirations.